The Here & Now

Mammoth, California

Mammoth, California

Just over two years ago I moved from New York to San Francisco, a recent graduate ready to hit the ground running with a smokey line trailing  behind me. I had spent my entire life waiting to be free from structure and here was my chance, so I jumped.

No one tells you what it is like when the structure that was built for you falls away. They don't tell you the leaps and bounds you experience between the ages of 21 to 25. The roller coaster ride in junior high doesn't touch what happens when you are in your early twenties. It's the first time you are experiencing life organically as you create it for yourself, it's terrifying. This point in time is truly the pivotal moment where we decide the life we want to live, at least it feels like it anyway. 

Time is excelling at a rate we can barely grasp, finally understanding what generations before us meant when they look at you and say  "In a blink of an eye you'll be 50.." Those cliche statements of life begin to resonate, we only live once, what are we to make of it? What are YOU going to make of this life?

I have found myself at 25 well on my way to having a successful career, moving my way through the corporate ladder, gaining immeasurable skills and knowledge relevant to today's market. But is this the life I truly see for myself? Do I really find passion in my work in the 9-5 work space? Everyday it's getting harder to convince myself to say yes, because the reality is, I don't.

"Pursue your passions."

My first powder day on West Coast

My first powder day on West Coast

The mountains. I wake up every morning, and think about what it feels like to wake up in the mountains. I watch snowboarding films on my commute to work. I scour the web for all of these inspiring stories of people who are living the life of a ski bum, doing what they can to fuel their connection to this high elevation heaven. I make lists at my desk of all the places I want to reach this winter. I spend every vacation day I have in the mountains. I camp endless summers in Mammoth, California. In the winter I spend every day I can in a ski leased cabin in Lake Tahoe. Each trip is too short, too sweet. The soulful zen we find in the mountains is a necessity.

You see, this isn't something new. I started snowboarding more than ten years ago and haven't stopped since. I interned at Windham Resort, New York at the Adaptive Sports Foundation, I spent a few years working in a ski shop, I even work for a company based in the ski industry currently. The mountains have always been there for me. While I am incredible fortunate and grateful to be where I am now, I want more.

This blog is a journey to what I hope to be a lifelong pursuit of my passions. I want you all here with me in the driver's seat. I want you to feel empowered to take control of your own lives and take these leaps and bounds with me. Your story may look different, but the foundation is built from the same soil. I hope to provide you all with insight on a transitional journey into a meaningful and fulfilling life. Of course, no ski bum is complete with a few rantings on food, gear, and all the happenings in between as well.

Thank you to anyone who is reading, if I can make someone out there in the world feel belonging and a sense of empowerment, I am happy.